Fund Raising for Galiano Conservancy Association

Please support Semperviva’s Earth Day Fund Raising efforts by making a donation at any of our studios for the “Galiano Conservancy Association” and it’s new: “Restorative Learning Centre”— dedicated to transforming “Underprivileged Youth” through hands-on physical interaction in nature and introducing them to wilderness yoga and meditation.

This past weekend I had a truly transformative experience I’d love to share with you.  

On Saturday myself and the participants of Semperviva’s inaugural Galiano Island Yoga Teachers Training Program met with Galiano Conservancy Board Members: Gary Moore, Ken Millard and Intern Biologist and Yoga teacher, Alana Jung, at the future site of the Restorative Learning Centre site—a 76 Hectare (188 acre) lot the Conservancy have acquired the rights to purchase.  

We talked about the real and devastating effects of “nature deficit disorder” in the world and how powerful the healing effects of interacting with nature can be.  Alana then took us into a pristine area along the waterfront where she led us through a yoga wilderness session that included asana and meditation.  Doing yoga and meditating amongst the huge Douglas Firs, Cedars and Arbutus trees, and sitting in the soft undergrowth of moss, Salal, Oregon Grape . . .  with a crisp wind howling around us was truly moving.

Through their efforts thus far the Conservancy has raised 2/3’s of the $ 4million needed for this purchase. Gary, Ken and Alana described to us their vision of bringing youth and other groups to the land to participate in ecological restoration work as a form of therapy, interacting with nature, doing the physical work and learning about all of the complex ecological systems that will need to be restored to bring this land back to a natural state and balance.  

During our walk Ken told us that they had recently had a group of youth from inner-City Victoria, some of whom have never been outside of their inner-city neighbourhood.  They had actually never been in nature.  Hard to imagine, but sadly true.  

We at Semperviva are moved by the Conservancy’s vision and are committed to support them. It will take $1.3 million to fulfill their vision and bring underprivileged youth, and other groups to the Centre.  Youth are our collective future.  If you want to join us in this commitment, please do. It will be an amazing contribution, and the journey will be the reward. Find out more

By Scott Latham